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Trash Disposal in Chittenden County

Black circle with white trashcan outline drawing in the center with the word trash below the outline.We consider anything that can be reused or recycled to be a valuable resource. In fact, in Chittenden County, recyclables are on a list of items that are banned from landfills, which means that it cannot be thrown in trash destined for the landfill in Vermont.

Fees will be applied to loads of trash that contain banned materials. For details on the fee, please see section 4.13 of the Solid Waste Management Ordinance.

Trash disposal options for households and businesses

  1. Contract with a private trash hauler. This hauler must also offer recycling pickup (see below for exceptions).
  2. Bring small loads (under a cubic yard) to a CSWD Drop-Off Center.
  3. Bring large loads to a transfer station.


  • The City of Burlington provides curbside recycling collection only for its residents; trash collection is not provided by the city (see above options). For more information on Burlington recycling collection, contact the Burlington Department of Public Works: 802-863-9094.
  • The Town of Underhill sells stickers for curbside collection of trash and recyclables for its residents. For more information, contact the Town Office: 802-899-4434.
  • The Town of Westford provides collection of trash and recyclables for its residents. For more information, contact the Town Office: 802-878-4587.

Businesses may apply for an exemption. A business may prefer to market recyclables directly or deliver them to a recycling facility themselves. If your business elects to refuse recycling services provided by a hauler, the business must provide evidence to CSWD that it is in compliance with CSWD’s mandatory recycling requirements by completing a Recycling Service Exemption Form and agreeing to a visit by CSWD staff. Please e-mail the completed form to [email protected] or mail it to CSWD, attn: Compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do holidays affect trash schedules?
Call your hauler to find out their holiday pickup schedule. For Burlington, see the Burlington Public Works website.
Check the CSWD Calendar for Drop-Off Center holiday hours.

What if bad weather delays trash and recycling pickups?
Call your hauler to find out if they are revising their pickup schedule. In Burlington, contact Burlington Public Works at 802-863-9094.

I have a large object or load of trash. How do I get this picked up?
Call your hauler to see if they are able to pick it up (special fees may apply).
Some haulers offer container rentals or special pickups.

Is it legal to burn trash or dump it anywhere?
It is illegal to burn trash or to dump it in undesignated places. To report illegal burning or dumping incidents, please contact CSWD. Violators caught burning trash are subject to fines of up to $500 per incident. To ask questions or report violations please contact our Compliance Specialist at 802-872-8100, ext. 242, or use our Contact Form.