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Event Outreach


Kat Moody, Community Outreach Coordinator
802-872-8100 x239


CSWD provides a variety of services, at no cost, to help events reduce their solid waste and manage it effectively. These services are tailored to address the specific needs of each event. Contact the Event Outreach Coordinator to discuss your event and see how we can be of help.

What the law requires

Paired trash and recycling containers at an outdoor event in Chittenden county.

The CSWD Ordinance requires all events open to the public or held at a venue available to the public in Chittenden County to keep blue-bin recycling and food scraps out of the trash and to pair all trash and recycling containers. Event venues must also include certain language in their reservation forms. Let us help you navigate everything you need to know!

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How we can help

Let us help you navigate these requirements by not only ensuring your legal compliance, but also providing:

  • Signs and labels
  • Staff/volunteer training
  • Waste Warriors volunteers
  • And more!
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