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Electronics Recycling

It is illegal to dispose of many electronic devices, known as “ewaste,” in the trash in Vermont (see “Electronics Banned from Landfills” in the sidebar). We accept only the items in the table below for electronics recycling.

Fees for electronics vary based on who you are and what you are dropping off. To view the correct information, please select the box below that applies to you.

Click Here If You Have 7 or Fewer Items

If you bring 7 or fewer items per day, all Vermont residents, businesses, institutions, and municipalities can bring anything in COLUMN A of the chart below for recycling at no charge. Items in COLUMN B will incur the charges shown.

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Click Here If You Have More Than 7 Items

We accept ONLY 7 or fewer ewaste items per day unless you have at least a cubic yard or more.

If you have 1 cubic yard or more, click the next box below for details and instructions. Fees may apply.

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Click Here If You Have A Cubic Yard or More

  • Anyone with more than 1 cubic yard must call us to make an appointment at 802-872-8100.
  • Residents, businesses and municipalities with 10 or fewer employees, K-12 school districts, and non-profit institutions will pay $.18/pound for items in column B in the chart below; no fees apply to materials in column A.
  • All other customers not listed above will pay $.18/pound for items shown in the chart below.
  • Bulk Recycling
    If you have large quantities of electronics, please call the statewide ewaste recycler to see if pick-up at your facility is an option:


    Good Point Recycling: (802) 382-8500

Electronics Eligible for Recycling

Column A; Items covered under VT E-cycles program.Column B: Items not covered by VT E-cycles program. Pricing listed below.
Computers & PeripheralsTelevision Peripherals
Desktop computer (CPU)VCR - $2.00
MonitorDigital converter box - $2.00
Apple monitor/CPU unitElectronic game console - $2.00
Keyboard & mouse (set)Standard satellite dish
Laptop, tablet, PDAEntertainment equipment
ModemStereo component (receiver, turntable, etc.) - $2.00
Speaker set (for computers)Speakers - $2.00 each
Desktop printer or multi-function unit DVD or CD player, boom box, MP3 player - $2.00
ScannerOther items
Smart BoardLand line telephone (corded or cordless) or answering machine
TelevisionsElectric typewriter - $2.00
19" or smaller screenFax machine - $2.00
20 - 27" screenUPS (battery backup) - $2.00
Larger than 28" screen & consolesLarge printer (floor model) - $5 additional handling fee
Handheld/very small items ((cell phone, MP3 player, chargers, chords, headphones, any device that fits in palm of hand) 2 or fewer: No fee, More than two, up to 5 gallons - $2.00

Where to Recycle Electronics

CSWD Facilities

1 cubic yard compared to a human figure and a box.

Ewaste is accepted at any CSWD Drop-Off Center except the Burlington location, or at the CSWD Environmental Depot by appointment only. The Environmental Depot does not accept ewaste-only loads (please use a Drop-Off Center). Loads of 1 cubic yard or more are accepted by appointment only at the Williston Drop-Off Center. Call 802-872-8100 to make an appointment.

Please come prepared to unload and place your TVs and other electronics in the collection area yourself. Our staff cannot assist you.

Other Vermont E-cycles Collection Locations

There are over 80 E-cycles collection locations throughout Vermont. Call first before visiting. Click here to view the list of locations. The Vermont E-cycles program covers certain types of electronic items. See the table above to see if an item qualifies.