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Sustainability is Dealer.com’s Bedrock

CSWD.net welcomes a new feature highlighting Vermont businesses that are making strides in sustainability, recycling and solid waste management. Our first case study is an in depth look at Burlington-based Dealer.com.

Since its founding in 1998, Dealer.com’s founders were committed to a set of core values – community health, wellness, and sustainability. These core values manifested projects that ranged from onsite composting to their LEED certified main headquarters.

CSWD has partnered with Dealer.com for many years on a variety of projects. From onsite training for employees on waste management to conducting waste audits to understand Dealer.com’s waste stream, the Dealer.com and CSWD partnership has proved an effective matchup.

The case study details the specific sustainability procedures and initiatives at Dealer.com facilities. CSWD is excited to offer this case study to other businesses in the hope that Dealer.com’s journey can assist them in their own path to a more sustainable operation.

Read the full case study.

The big picture impact of Dealer.com’s commitment is reflected in this great quote from a Vermont employee.

“From now on, I’m going to do my research about what goes into my blue bin and what condition it needs to be in to complete the journey to its second life. It feels good to have this awareness and confidently do my part for the health and longevity of our community. (We’ll never know whose straw was up the turtle’s nose, but the takeaway is that it could’ve belonged to any of us, so the responsibility is on all of us.) Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Yehaw.”

                                      -Samantha Rock, Dealer.com Performance Manager

Many thanks to Ethan Hausman, CSWD’s Business Outreach Coordinator for creating this in-depth case study and to Dealer.com’s Go Green Council members – Rob Meader & Allison Lazarz for collaborating with CSWD on this piece.

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