Local Color bucket 2015Ever wonder what happens to perfectly good leftover paint?


If it’s not recycled, it’s sent to sit underground in a landfill – a lost resource at best. Local Color is just one way that CSWD is working to manage the future’s problems – today.

Out of the thousands of gallons brought to the CSWD Environmental Depot each year, our expert staff hand-select the highest quality latex paints for recycling into Local Color.

After being sorted by color, each small batch is double-filtered for premium quality and blended to a consistent, silky-smooth low sheen finish.

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I love how thick Local Color paint is for one-coat coverage!

-Vermont landlord


Local Color is known for its long-lasting thickness. It can be washed and scrubbed, and often covers in one coat.


Go easy on your wallet! Local Color costs about half as much as new paint – as low as $9 per gallon!


By buying Local Color, you are not only giving your walls a fresh new look, you are also supporting the “local loop” – the responsible & sustainable management of our community resources, here at home in Chittenden County. That’s something we can all feel good about together.


Local Color is available in over 30 shades of the following colors*:

Swatch panel

*The variety of colors that come in daily for recycling allows us to blend a spectrum of colors instead of just one shade. It can vary between batches, so be sure to purchase enough for your job and subsequent touch-ups if required.


When you use recycled paint, you:

  • Reduce demand for production of new paint made from virgin materials
  • Reduce carbon emissions from long-distance transportation of new paint
  • Keep perfectly good paint out of the landfill!

1-gallon bucket: $11 +tax
(Available at ReSource & ReStore only; not available in Mansfield White)

2-gallon bucket: $20 +tax

5-gallon bucket: $45 +tax
(Only available in shades of white)



Local Color is available at various retailers around Central & Northern Vermont. See sidebar for more details.