• Notice: Fee Increase at Drop-Off Centers July 1

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    Drop-Off Center fees effective July 1, 2016: Fees for landfill material Volume Household Trash Construction Debris 18 gallons $2.50 $5.00 33 gallons $4.75 $9.50 45 gallons $7.25 $14.50 1 cubic yard $37.50 $75.00 By weight (Burlington DOC only) $0.19/lb $0.19/lb Fees for bulky items The fees for bulky items (furniture, mattresses, etc.) will also increase by around 20%. Fees will be updated on July 1st in each item’s A-Z listing. […]

  • Watch: CSWD PSA “Recycle! It’s the Law”

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    Recycling feels good – it has also been the law in Chittenden County for a long time. Now it’s the law across the state of Vermont.  

  • Brewster-Pierce: Small School, Big Impact

    BPMS Milk station

    Brewster-Pierce Memorial School (BPMS) maybe be small in size but wallops a punch when it comes to reducing, reusing, and recycling. And I have had the privilege of being a part of some of their incredible efforts over the past year. Reduce Most recently, spearheaded by maintenance maven Sandy Heyman, BPMS held their first Zero Waste Day. The entire school participated in trying their hardest to NOT produce any trash, […]

  • CSWD Responds to VPR recycling story

    A woman holds a blue bin full of recyclables

    UPDATE 5/19/16: Listen to CSWD General Tom Moreau’s response on VPR’s Morning Edition with Mitch Wertlieb: Chittenden County Says Preparation Is Key To Keep Recycling Despite Low Commodity Prices The recent VPR story on recycling in the Windham Solid Waste Management District in Brattleboro (As Universal Recycling Ramps Up, Low Commodity Prices Strain Vt. Waste Districts, 5/10/16) leaves an incomplete picture of the state of recycling in Vermont, and also […]

  • Winners choose food-waste-fightin’ restaurants

    Winooski Fights Food Waste

    Diane K. of Winooski won a $35 gift certificate to the food-waste-fightin’ restaurant of her choice when her name was picked as the February winner of CSWD’s Drop-Off Composting Challenge. The Challenge invites residents to bring their household food scraps to any CSWD Drop-Off Center. (Those scraps end up at Green Mountain Compost, where they’re made into plant-boosting compost.) Our food-waste fighters list keeps growing. When you’ve got the munchies, support […]

  • Shred your documents for free at these local events

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    Every 2 seconds, someone’s identity is stolen, according to the AARP Fraud Watch Network. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Identities stolen, credit ruined, lives destroyed. The most effective steps for protecting your personal information should happen at your home or business, before a document hits the recycling bin: Black out personal information before recycling mail; Shred any document that contains private information like your social security number or credit […]

  • Welcome to Chittenden County: 7 tips to reduce your footprint

    The skyline of Burlington, VT with the composting and recycling symbols

    If this is your first move to Chittenden County, welcome to town! If you’re returning…welcome home. Vermont is a special place. It’s the birthplace of many very cool things, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Burton Snowboards, ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center, to name only a few (a drop in the bucket). Here you’ll find the best maple syrup in the world, some inspiring local restaurants, and more microbrews per capita than any […]

  • WATCH: Behind the scenes at the recycling facility

    A woman holds a blue bin full of recyclables

    If you’ve ever wondered what really happens to your recyclables after they leave your blue bin, you’ll love this video. The Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF – rhymes with “smurf”) is the first stop for your recyclables on their exciting journey to a new life. The MRF is sort of like a Willy Wonka factory; except instead of rivers of chocolate you’ll find fast-moving streams of valuable resources that somehow […]

  • Learn more about the people behind CSWD

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    All of us at CSWD love being a part of the dynamic community of creative people in Chittenden County. But we’re not just a bunch of “waste heads” (as one staff member recently put it). There’s a lot more to the team – we’re SCUBA divers, musicians, tennis players, parents, runners & bike riders, original Nintendo game players, snowboarders and skiiers, dog lovers, and much more.   Meet the folks […]


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