• The beauty of bacteria, or “How to heal the earth”


    Ghandi once wrote, “Your beliefs become your thoughts; your thoughts become your words; your words become your actions; your actions become your habits; your habits become your values; your values become your destiny.” In 2012, the Vermont state legislature put thoughts into words in a way that redefines what we think of as “waste” – and may very well have an important impact, in its own way, on our destiny. … Continued

  • Results of Milton’s Waste War

    Milton Waste Wars2

    Milton Town Schools hosted the first ever (in CSWD history!!) Waste War Week spanning May 5-7, 2015. Milton Elementary, Milton Middle, and Milton High School went head-to-head sorting through one day’s worth of school trash to determine which school sorted their unwanted materials the best. And the results are in! Which school eked out the big win? Stay tuned… This event is known as Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD); … Continued

  • Customer Appreciation Days at the DOCs

    Thank You

    It takes a lot of people to run CSWD, but one person truly earns the Most Valuable Player award: [drum roll, please…] It’s YOU! Yes, you. Oh, stop being modest! Why, without your efforts to reuse, recycle, and compost everything you can, there would be no system. There would only be a landfill packed with wasted resources, wasted potential. We want to thank you for keeping the reuse, recycling, and composting system humming! After all, … Continued

  • Take the Drop-Off Composting Challenge!


    We ALL win when you compost your leftover food scraps and keep them out of the landfill – but during the Drop-Off Composting Challenge, you win even more! CSWD accepts food scraps for composting at our Drop-Off Centers – and when you participate in the Drop-off Composting Challenge, you’ll get some great rewards for keeping those scraps out of the trash!   Click here to visit the Challenge page and … Continued

  • CSWD is hiring: Hazardous Waste Operator

    CSWD logo BW

    We are seeking a highly motivated person to be part of a team to collect and process hazardous waste at the Environmental Depot & Rover. The job is physically demanding, involves working with the public, and requires the ability to understand chemical principles and regulations. A Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry, environmental studies or related field or high school degree with two years of related experience is preferred. For more details … Continued

  • It’s What We Do Here

    Vermont Shoes Youtube Video Thumbnail

    All of us at CSWD are proud to serve the residents and businesses of Chittenden County. It feels good to be part of a supportive community of creative, intelligent people who are committed to each other and the land we live on. Since 1987, we’ve been leading the state – and often, the country – in finding innovative solutions to reducing the amount of resources that go to waste in … Continued

  • Learn more about the people behind CSWD

    Behind the scenes screenshot

    All of us at CSWD love being a part of the dynamic community of creative people in Chittenden County. But we’re not just a bunch of “waste heads” (as one staff member recently put it). There’s a lot more to the team – we’re SCUBA divers, musicians, tennis players, parents, runners & bike riders, original Nintendo game players, snowboarders and skiiers, dog lovers, and much more. Learn more about some … Continued

CSWD Spotlight

Act 148 symbols

Universal Recycling & Composting Law

New changes in the law are going into effect between now and 2020. Click here to find out more about how Act 148 will affect you – and how to prepare so you’re well ahead of the curve in Chittenden County.