• Your office never tasted so good!

    VCGN Workplace Garden Grants

    Mondays are about to get a little more delicious: “The Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Community Garden Network are offering grants for small businesses to establish workplace food gardens. The “Green Thumbs at Work” grants are open to any Vermont business or organization with fewer than 50 employees. The gardens can be in-ground or raised beds. The total grant award is $1,750, which includes $500 for materials, a $250 … Continued

  • This box WISHES it could be recycled. Here’s why it can’t…

    NO recycling

    If you pay attention to packaging material as much as we do, you’ll notice that A LOT OF STUFF has the recycling symbol on it. This box of DiGiorno pizza below even tells you to “Please recycle this carton”! So obviously, you should throw it in your blue bin – right?? WRONG. If you live in Chittenden County, this box (and other freezer / refrigerator packaging) should go in your … Continued

  • Don’t Toss Your Packing Peanuts & Pillows!

    If ever there was a “season of shipping,” this is it! Your local “pack-n-ship” shop (and some other local businesses) can likely reuse the packing pillows and bubble wrap that’s coming your way – like this batch from CSWD’s offices! Check out local drop-off options on our Packaging Reuse page here. Note: it’s always a good idea to call beforehand. If reuse won’t work, you can include deflated packing pillows … Continued

  • Shop Smart to Reduce Food Waste

    It’s no real secret that Americans waste a lot of food (and money in the process)! There are some easy things you can do, from the grocery store to your compost bin, to make sure that you get the maximum value out of the food you buy. King County (WA) is producing some great material covering exactly this topic. In this ~4-minute video (the first in a 3-part series), Chef … Continued

  • Backyard Composting with Fox 44

    Fox 44 Alaina with Dan of Green Mountain Compost

    Local Fox 44’s Alaina Pinto stopped by this morning to “get the dirt compost” on how Green Mountain Compost is helping local residents prepare for Vermont’s Universal Recycling & Composting law – Act 148 – by turning their food scraps into some seriously sweet soil! Watch it here: CSWD’s “backyard composting guru” Marge Keough also gave Alaina the scoop on the “Lasagna Method” of creating a compost pile: “It’s a … Continued

  • Learn more about the people behind CSWD

    Behind the scenes screenshot

    All of us at CSWD love being a part of the dynamic community of creative people in Chittenden County. But we’re not just a bunch of “waste heads” (as one staff member recently put it). There’s a lot more to the team – we’re SCUBA divers, musicians, tennis players, parents, runners & bike riders, original Nintendo game players, snowboarders and skiiers, dog lovers, and much more. Learn more about some … Continued

  • Be a Zero Hero: How to Plan a Zero Waste Event

    Did you throw (or attend) an event with great compost and recycling? Tell us about it!  Tweet to @cswdvt   So, you’re throwing a party. Awesome! The weather is going to be great, everyone is going to get there on time, and your mother-in-law is even going to tell you what an incredible cook / joke teller / frisbee thrower you are. There will be laughter and fun and people … Continued

CSWD Spotlight

Act 148 symbols

Universal Recycling & Composting Law

New changes in the law are going into effect between now and 2020. Click here to find out more about how Act 148 will affect you – and how to prepare so you’re well ahead of the curve in Chittenden County.