• Hinesburg Community School Bottle Filling Station

    A student fills their water bottle from the filling station purchased partly with a grant from CSWD.

    CSWD grant helps local school stem the flow of wasted water bottles
    Ever try to fill a water bottle at a drinking fountain? You have to work to angle it just right and even then, it’s tough to really fill your bottle. To encourage the use of reusable water bottles, and thereby reduce the amount of single-use bottles that end up needing to be recycled…Continued

  • CSWD Seeks Volunteer & Event Coordinator


    We’re looking for an outgoing, organized, creative, “people-person” who is passionate about recycling, composting and educating the public and outside event coordinators on reducing waste.

    The Volunteer and Event Coordinator will help educate the public about composting, recycling and other waste reduction issues. …Continued

  • 4 EZ Steps To a Zero-Waste Picnic


    When you’re putting together the guest list for your next summer picnic, invite CSWD!

    Don’t worry, we’re not looking to crash your party, we just want to help you reduce the burden on your curb after the burgers are all gone and the ice cream is just a sticky puddle.

    Follow these four simple steps, and the only impact you’ll have to worry about after your next event will be on your waistline, not on the landfill!…Continued

CSWD Spotlight

Rover mobile hazardous waste unit accepting material.

The Rover Hazardous Waste Collections

The Rover is a-wandering through Chittenden County all summer and into the fall.

Visit the Rover page to see when CSWD’s mobile hazardous waste collection truck and the friendly Environmental Depot staff will visit your town.

Can’t make it to the Rover? The Environmental Depot is open all year ’round to Chittenden County residents and businesses.