• Fall Leaf Collection & Dropoff Info

    Fall leaves on a tree

      It’s officially Fall. The leaves know it — they’re already tinged with a Crayola box of color and launching themselves from the treetops and into your yard. And those once-glorious gardens are starting to look a little scraggly. Here’s what to do with all those heaps of leaves and garden debris: Acceptable items: Non-woody leaf, garden, and yard debris only. No plastic bags, branches, rocks, sod, trash, or pumpkins. […]

  • Vermont breweries change can carriers for recyclable version


    Black plastic has been in the news lately. The reason: It’s no longer recyclable in Chittenden County. One Vermont company has already taken steps to make sure they are literally on the green side of the equation—Rock Art Brewery of Morrisville will be changing their can carriers from non-recyclable black plastic to green.

  • Environmental leadership opportunity for youth in grades 7-12


    Applications are now open for a teen leadership course through the UVM Extension program. TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth and is an environmental leadership opportunity for youth in grades 7-12. It is a teen-led environmental education program with an embedded service learning component designed to teach environmental literacy and responsibility to younger youth. TRY for the Environment includes four program areas—renewable energy, waste solutions, food systems and forest and […]

  • Tackling event waste at one of Vermont’s biggest: the Champlain Valley Fair

    Bob and Robin stand behind a three-bin sort station inside of a large barn.

    If you’ve been to the The Champlain Valley Fair this year, you’ve probably seen (and definitely used) the handiwork of Bob Jenkins, the Director of Facilities. He wanted to help the Expo and their visitors manage their waste more responsibly, but he was having problems keeping recycling, trash, and food waste bins in the same place. “We set up at 7am and 20 minutes later you’d never know we had […]

  • Why trash and recycling bins need each other

    Paired trash & recycling bins 1 Main St - web

    “Make it convenient, make it obvious, and make it hard to do the wrong thing!” That’s the mantra Michele Morris goes by. She’s the Business Outreach Coordinator for CSWD, and she offers tools, tips, even grant money to help businesses meet trash and recycling bin pairing requirements that took effect July 1, 2016. Recycling has been mandatory for businesses and residents of Chittenden County since 1993. Yet we estimate that, […]

  • Q&A with our new General Manager, Sarah Reeves

    Headshot of CSWD General Manager, Sarah Reeves

    Meet Sarah Reeves, CSWD’s new General Manager! On August 8, Sarah Reeves will take the helm as General Manager of the Chittenden Solid Waste District. Tom Moreau retired from the position after 21 years of leadership. Sarah Reeves was born and raised in Rhode Island. While she can launch into her alma mater’s fight song at the slightest provocation, she and her family are looking forward to settling into their […]

  • Black plastic: no longer recyclable in Chittenden County

    A black plastic food service container

    Black plastic is pretty easy to identify. It’s plastic, and it’s black. And in Chittenden County, it doesn’t belong in your recycling bin. We recommend reusing black plastic containers to store leftovers, or in a craft project. But if you can’t invent another use for them, black plastic goes in the trash. If you’re wondering why, keep reading. The short answer The global commodities market – where we sell the […]

  • 7 tips to reduce your “wasteprint” in Chittenden County

    The skyline of Burlington, VT with the composting and recycling symbols

    If this is your first move to Chittenden County, welcome to town! If you’re returning…welcome home. Vermont is a special place. It’s the birthplace of many very cool things, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Burton Snowboards, ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center, to name only a few (a drop in the bucket). Here you’ll find the best maple syrup in the world, some inspiring local restaurants, and more microbrews per capita than any […]

  • WATCH: Behind the scenes at the recycling facility

    A woman holds a blue bin full of recyclables

    If you’ve ever wondered what really happens to your recyclables after they leave your blue bin, you’ll love this video. The Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF – rhymes with “smurf”) is the first stop for your recyclables on their exciting journey to a new life. The MRF is sort of like a Willy Wonka factory; except instead of rivers of chocolate you’ll find fast-moving streams of valuable resources that somehow […]


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