• Thanksgiving Closures

    Photo by Leo Reynolds

    Wednesday, November 25th: On regular schedules: CSWD Drop Off Centers Closed at noon: Green Mountain Compost The CSWD Administrative office Closed all day: The CSWD Environmental Depot Thursday, November 26th (Thanksgiving Day): All CSWD facilities are closed, including: All CSWD Drop Off Centers Green Mountain Compost The CSWD Environmental Depot The CSWD Administrative office On Tuesday, November 24th and Friday, November 27th, facilities will be on their regular schedules. For […]

  • Fall 2015 Leaf Collection & Dropoff Info

    leaves on tree

    Got leaves? Here’s where to bring them!  It’s officially Fall. The leaves know it — they’re already tinged with a Crayola box of color and launching themselves from the treetops and into your yard. And those once-glorious gardens are starting to look a little scraggly. Here’s what to do with all those heaps of leaves and garden debris: Acceptable items: Non-woody leaf, garden, and yard debris only. No plastic bags, […]

  • 10 Ways to Slim Your Kids’ Lunch Waste!

    A Packed Lunch

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it is back to school they go! This year, send your kids back to school a bit lighter…in the lunch sack, that is! As the hustle and bustle of life takes hold, the convenience of Go-Gurt®, a bag of chips, and a zip-locked PB&J tossed in a paper bag may feel like the greatest reprieve—but it comes with a cost. Packaging makes up about one third […]

  • Welcome to Chittenden County: 7 tips to reduce your footprint

    Skyline - Its What We Do Here - square thumbnail

    If this is your first move to Chittenden County, welcome to town! If you’re returning after a summer (or longer)…welcome home. Vermont is a special place. It’s the birthplace of many very cool things, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Burton Snowboards, ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center, to name only a few (a drop in the bucket). Here you’ll find the best maple syrup in the world, some inspiring local restaurants, and more […]

  • Back to School: 7 sustainable shopping tips!


    Wow! Can you believe that the first day of school is right around the corner? I am wicked excited to head back to school to teach students AND staff about the amazing 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Of course, as parents, you are probably thinking of the 3 R’s too while you are shopping to recharge those school supplies. Here are few tips to send your kids back to […]

  • VIDEO: Behind the scenes at the recycling facility

    MRF video Screenshot for YouTube

    If you’ve ever wondered what really happens to your recyclables after they leave your blue bin, you’ll love this video. The Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF – rhymes with “smurf”) is the first stop for your recyclables on their exciting journey to a new life. The MRF is sort of like a Willy Wonka factory; except instead of rivers of chocolate you’ll find fast-moving streams of valuable resources that somehow […]

  • Learn more about the people behind CSWD

    Behind the scenes screenshot

    All of us at CSWD love being a part of the dynamic community of creative people in Chittenden County. But we’re not just a bunch of “waste heads” (as one staff member recently put it). There’s a lot more to the team – we’re SCUBA divers, musicians, tennis players, parents, runners & bike riders, original Nintendo game players, snowboarders and skiiers, dog lovers, and much more. Learn more about some […]


CSWD Spotlight

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