• Thanksgiving Closures


    Wednesday, November 26 Drop-Off Centers: Following regular schedule (click here to view schedules) Environmental Depot: CLOSED Green Mountain Compost: CLOSED at 12pm Admin office: CLOSED at 12pm Thursday, November 27 (Thanksgiving Day) All CSWD Facilities are CLOSED. Facilities will resume regular schedules on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day.   Got a question about where to dispose of something? Check out our A-Z Guide.

  • CSWD Change Drive for United Way


    Each year we throw out a little “friendly” competition between all of our facilities to collect the most change through a fundraising drive to benefit the United Way of Chittenden County. In 2013 the change drive raised almost $1,000 – and our campaign total, including employee contributions and a silent auction, was $6,052.79! Now’s the time for change! That’s right – time to dig into our pockets and toss in … Continued

  • Free Showing of “Bag It!”: The Movie

    Bag It - Movie Poster

    Free showing of “Bag It!“ The Movie (is your life too plastic?). Try going a day without plastic. Plastic is everywhere and infiltrates our lives in unimaginable and frightening ways. In this touching and often flat-out-funny film, we follow “everyman” Jeb Berrier, who is admittedly not a tree hugger, as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves … Continued

  • Backyard Composting with Fox 44

    Fox 44 Alaina with Dan of Green Mountain Compost

    Local Fox 44’s Alaina Pinto stopped by this morning to “get the dirt compost” on how Green Mountain Compost is helping local residents prepare for Vermont’s Universal Recycling & Composting law – Act 148 – by turning their food scraps into some seriously sweet soil! Watch it here: CSWD’s “backyard composting guru” Marge Keough also gave Alaina the scoop on the “Lasagna Method” of creating a compost pile: “It’s a … Continued

  • Got leaves? Here’s what to do with them (Fall 2014)


    Color in the treetops will soon be crunching underfoot as leaf-peeping season gives way to raking season, which coincides with putting-the-garden-to-bed season. What to do with all the leaf, yard, and garden debris? Read on!

  • Learn more about the people behind CSWD

    Behind the scenes screenshot

    All of us at CSWD love being a part of the dynamic community of creative people in Chittenden County. But we’re not just a bunch of “waste heads” (as one staff member recently put it). There’s a lot more to the team – we’re SCUBA divers, musicians, tennis players, parents, runners & bike riders, original Nintendo game players, snowboarders and skiiers, dog lovers, and much more. Learn more about some … Continued

  • An ode to…garbage?

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, as the saying goes. Vermonter Ben Doyle (Education Programs Manager at Vermont Arts Council) pretty much proved it in some great commentary last night on VPR in a slightly satirical piece called “Golden Age of Garbage.” (Read the full text, or listen to it here.) Vermont’s new universal recycling law, the first phase of which went into effect this past summer, says that … Continued

  • Be a Zero Hero: How to Plan a Zero Waste Event

    Did you throw (or attend) an event with great compost and recycling? Tell us about it!  Tweet to @cswdvt   So, you’re throwing a party. Awesome! The weather is going to be great, everyone is going to get there on time, and your mother-in-law is even going to tell you what an incredible cook / joke teller / frisbee thrower you are. There will be laughter and fun and people … Continued

CSWD Spotlight

Rover mobile hazardous waste unit accepting material.

The Rover Hazardous Waste Collections

The Rover is a-wandering through Chittenden County all summer and into the fall.

Visit the Rover page to see when CSWD’s mobile hazardous waste collection truck and the friendly Environmental Depot staff will visit your town.

Can’t make it to the Rover? The Environmental Depot is open all year ’round to Chittenden County residents and businesses.