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Christmas tree (natural)

Disposal options

Natural, unadorned Christmas trees are accepted year-round at:


At CSWD Drop-Off Centers:

  • Free (unadorned trees only)
  • $1 per foot in height, if decorated. These trees will be landfilled.

At McNeil Wood & Yard Waste Depot:

  • Free (unadorned trees only)

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

Limit three (3) trees at CSWD Drop-Off Centers. Larger loads should go to the McNeil Wood & Yard Waste Depot.

In December and January only: Loads of more than three trees may go to the Williston Drop-Off Center for no fee.

All trees must meet the following conditions:

  • No ornaments, tinsel, lights, or any artificial material
  • No bags or other wrapping around trees
  • No tree stands



Natural trees collected at CSWD Drop-Off Centers are taken to McNeil Wood & Yard Waste Depot to be used as fuel to produce electricity, or chipped then taken to Green Mountain Compost.