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Recycling and Compost Container Grant Bin Examples

On this page we’ve compiled examples of containers available in the marketplace that have features making them good choices for the uses specified in the CSWD Recycling and Compost Container Grants.

Recommended features

When choosing a container, please consider the following features, which increase the use of the bins and help reduce “contamination” by unwanted items. These are recommendations only, not requirements for grant funding.

For recycling containers:

  1. A lid that has a restricted or shaped opening to encourage the user to think about what they are depositing;
  2. A lockable lid on containers to be used outdoors;
  3. A lid that shields the contents from snow and rain if outdoor containers will be exposed to the elements; and
  4. Clear labeling as described in the Grant Details.

For indoor food scrap collection containers:

  1. A capacity in the range of 3 to 15 gallons, depending on the anticipated volume of material to be collected;
  2. A removable interior bin or liner that can be periodically washed if the overall container is not easily washable;
  3. A lid system that enables securing of a compostable bag, if used, so it does not fall into the bin;
  4. A foot-pedal operated or other lid system that prevents soiling of the lid and enables users to deposit scraps without touching the bin if this may be a barrier to participation; and
  5. Clear labeling as described in the Grant Details.

Recycling container examples

These containers meet the Grant requirements and have been successfully deployed by many local businesses and municipalities. There are many other options available that meet Grant requirements; this list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Appropriate for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Appropriate for Indoor Use

Indoor food scrap collection container examples

Many of the containers found on the following websites meet the Grant criteria for food scrap collection containers. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list.

The SimpleHuman and some Rubbermaid containers are also available locally at ACE hardware stores and at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Inclusion of a container, brand or company on this website does not imply endorsement by CSWD.