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Contaminated soil

Disposal options

  • If you have soil that is suspected of, or known to be contaminated with hazardous substances such as oil or lead, contact the Hazardous Waste Division of the VT Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) at (802) 828-1138

Dirt & soil

Disposal options

CSWD facilities do not accept dirt, sand, or any other soil. We recommend finding a use for small amounts as clean fill on your property or a neighbor’s.

Other disposal options:

  • Ranger Asphalt & Concrete, Colchester (802-655-2005).
  • Parsons Farm Stump Dump, Parsons Rd, Colchester (802-355-5512). 9am-3pm Mon-Fri, please call ahead.
  • Contact a local landscaper or construction firm



  • Ranger Asphalt & Concrete Processing: call for pricing ($20 minimum).
  • Parsons Farm Stump Dump: No charge for clean fill such as sand, dirt, etc.


Dirt and sand are inert materials, and as such do not qualify as a solid waste. Neither is regulated or managed by the Chittenden Solid Waste District.