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School Spotlight: Summit Street School Green Team

Summit Street School’s Green Team is made up of third graders inspired by Timiny Bergstrom’s challenge to clean up the Earth.  These crusaders are determined to “save the environment” and “have fun,” as they related in an interview I had the pleasure of doing during lunch at the Essex Junction elementary school this past October. 

And man, are they busy stewards of the Earth: Helping the younger students figure out what things go in which bins; collecting foil tops from the juices to form aluminum balls bigger than a squirrel’s head (the kid-friendly representation of two inches, the size any item must be to make it into the blue bin for recycling), and helping students prep their lunch trays for sorting BEFORE they reach the sort station (brilliant!). 

Thanks for your hard work and commitment, Green Team and all of Summit Street School! You are models for cleaning up and greening up the Earth.  I am proud of your efforts and honored to work with you each year.

I hope this short video will inspire viewers to start a Green Team at your school.  Need help getting your team off the ground?  Recycle Rhonda is here to help: rmace@cswd.net.

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Rhonda Mace
Rhonda Mace
School Outreach Coordinator at CSWD
When she's not setting up a worm composting farm or conducting a waste audit, Rhonda likes to hike and observe nature (she really digs bugs), ride her bike (preferably on the bike path) and cook with locally grown (mostly from her garden) foods. You can reach her at 802-872-8100 x211.