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Diseased or noxious plants

It is illegal to dispose of this item in the trash in Chittenden County, VT.

Disposal options

  • Bag the plants (exercise extra caution with noxious plants, the sap from which can cause severe burns or blindness), ideally in a paper grocery bag or a compostable leaf bag (available at many hardware stores, garden centers, and grocery stores), and drop them off at one of the facilities listed below. If you use plastic bags, you MUST empty the plant out of the bag at all drop-off locations, and dispose of the bag in the trash.


No matter where you bring the plants, they will likely end up at Green Mountain Compost. Taking diseased or noxious plants there directly will avoid an increased likelihood that the disease or seeds could spread.

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

  • Yard & garden debris (including weeds & plants) are banned from landfill disposal in Vermont.