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Motor oils

It is illegal to dispose of this item in the trash in Chittenden County, VT.

Disposal options

  • Used motor oil and all vehicle crankcase and gearbox oils are accepted at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers (DOCs), at the Environmental Depot, and at the Rover. Restrictions apply; see Limitations below.
  • Mixtures of oil & gasoline must be brought to the Environmental Depot.


  • At DOCs: Free (15 gallon limit – see Limitations)
  • At Environmental Depot:

Limitations, regulations and other specifications

Motor oil & automotive fluid is banned from trash disposal in Vermont.

At Drop-Off Centers:

  • Limit of 15 gallons per day
  • Each container must be 2 gallons or less
    • Oil spills happen; spills of more than 2 gallons are difficult to clean up, and require state reporting. Please help keep our DOCs clean & safe by following this 2-gallon limit.
    • If you have oil in a container larger than 2 gallons, please bring it to the Environmental Depot.
  • Oil will not be accepted if mixed with any other liquid (water, antifreeze, etc.)
    • If you have an oil mixture, please bring it to the Environmental Depot.

At Environmental Depot:

  • No quantity or container size limit
  • Please call ahead if bringing large quantities. Visit the Environmental Depot page for contact information.

Note: Empty plastic motor oil bottles are NOT recyclable and should be disposed of in your regular trash.


Container Return Guidelines

At Drop-Off Centers

Please notify a staff member, who will empty the oil for you. You may either take your container with you, or dispose of it in the trash receptacle adjacent to the oil tank.

At the Environmental Depot

If you want your container returned to you, please read the following guidelines. (If you don’t want to keep the container, we will take care of it for you.)

While You Wait

Your container can be emptied and returned while you wait, if ALL of the following apply:

  • It contains ONLY used motor oil
  • It is 5 gallons or less

Pick Up Later

You will need to leave your container with us for pickup at a later date (usually 1-2 business days) if ANY of the following apply:

  • It is larger than 5 gallons
  • It contains oil mixed with any other liquid