Burlington Drop-Off Center

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  • Address: 339 Pine St. Burlington, VT 05401

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We understand that many of our customers want to know when the Burlington Drop-off Center (DOC) will reopen. This has always been our most difficult site to operate safely, which is only more challenging under COVID-19 operating requirements.

These are some of the issues we are grappling with at this site:

  • The Burlington DOC was opened in 2003 for limited, walk-in-only site. In 2004 this site saw a manageable 10,681 trips (205/week avg.). In 2019 we saw 39,118 visits (752/week avg.). The site cannot be expanded.
  • We cannot accept all the previously accepted materials and put measures in place for the physical distancing now required under COVID-19 precautions without causing the line to back up onto Pine Street causing an unacceptable traffic hazard.
  • If we reduce the types of materials we accept, there is less risk for backups. Under State law, if we accept trash we must also accept recycling, food scraps and yard debris.
  • We are evaluating what limited services would be most beneficial to reinstate at the Burlington DOC that would likely not include trash and recycling.

We are working closely with Burlington’s CSWD Commissioner and City leadership to find a solution that is safe and workable for everyone. In the meantime, the CSWD South Burlington Drop-Off Center is located 3.5 miles from the South Burlington DOC and provides the same services in a much safer setting. We will be sure to announce any updates here and on our social media channels.